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Attest 3.3 (sort of)

If you’ve recently installed Attest 3.2 from the Adobe AIR Marketplace and are not seeing content loaded in the Study feature, fear not. You’ll need to reinstall over top, or uninstall/reinstall if that’s the option presented by using the AIR badge located here http://software.pxldesigns.com/attest3/download

Here’s what happened. I blogged recently about a bug I introduced into Attest 3.2 (you’re welcome!) and quickly created a patch for. The problem was, the Adobe AIR Marketplace is shutting down as of August 31st 2011, and they wouldn’t release that patch in the meantime.
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Just a quick update on bug fixes and where Attest is headed in the future. I’ve received a few emails about the Learning view in Attest 3.2 not loading the content. This is a bug introduced by yours truly 🙂 where the app may not show any learning content, but instead you’ll see “Loading…” or empty screens. I made the patch for this bug and submitted it to the Adobe AIR Marketplace last week, but for some reason it’s taking longer to get it released.

You may or may not be aware that the AIR Marketplace is shutting down as of August 31st 2011. If you currently own a license for Attest, or you get a copy before Aug 31, you’ll be able to continue to use it in the future. However, there will be no more sales for any apps on the AIR Marketplace after that date unfortunately.
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We’ve had requests for Attest to include the older Flex 3 with AIR certification material. With this new update, you can choose between a Flex 4 or Flex 3 exam when studying or taking an exam in the full version. Going forward, we’re going to keep the legacy material included as each new exam is available from Adobe.

Download Attest 3.1.1

Note: We switched providers for the code signing certificate a while ago, and I believe that may cause some problems when trying to upgrade from a version of Attest that was installed prior to April 7th, 2001. If you are having troubles upgrading, just uninstall/reinstall, click the green buy button if you’ve purchased before, and log into the Adobe website. Once you log in, the application will be activated automatically.

Adobe AIR Marketplace allows for 3 installs per licensed copy of software. As always, if you have any problems activating, or if you want to deactivate all copies of a purchased license, just log in to the Marketplace. Their FAQ is located here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/inmarket/articles/try_buy_faq.html

Have you waited long enough? 🙂 Then without further ado,  Holly and I would like to present to you Attest 3 for your studying pleas…well it’s not fun studying, anyway, here’s Attest 3.

Attest 3

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Attest 3 due out this week

I got word from the folks at the Adobe AIR Marketplace that there is a bug in their system. So when we submitted Attest 3 a few weeks back, it was stuck in the validation process and hence no Attest for anyone just yet.

The good news is that the version that was submitted was only the free/trial version, and there was no full product yet because it wasn’t 100% ready, but the full version will be out soon. Word from Adobe is that the bug will be fixed this week, and that means I should be posting again this week when the full version is out.

If all goes well, this should be the week where you can start knocking your head against the desk once you start reading the tougher questions Holly and I created for the latest version of Attest 😛 It was our goal to make some of them tougher, more subjective and if anything, make Attest harder to pass than the actual exam. So once it’s released, as always, let us know what you think as we continue to write new material for the app.

As you may know already, the Flex 4 ACE exam was just announced on the Adobe Developer Connection site about a week ago. We’ve had quite a few inquiries about a version of Attest for the Flex 4 exam. Of course there is, we wouldn’t forget you 🙂

Here’s how Attest 3 is going to work. Instead of maintaining two different applications, Holly and I made it slightly easier on ourselves by combining the free and commercial versions into one. So there’s only one download from now on, no more Attest vs Attest PRO, there’s only Attest 3. If you run Attest 3, you’ve basically installed the trial version of the application.

Attest 3 screenshot

Attest 3 Screenshot

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Just a quick post for those inquiring. We just released Attest PRO version 1.2 with some minor updates on the licensing from the Adobe AIR Marketplace. Some people were having trouble installing the latest version and this update should take care of that. If you already have Attest PRO installed, it should prompt you to install the latest and greatest.

In response to questions of late, yes, new versions of Attest and Attest PRO for the Flex 4 certification are currently in construction deep in the confines of the factory 🙂 Holly and I are digging up heaps of goodies for Attest and other projects. I can tell you this, there will be tons of new material on the Adobe Developer Center and Attest itself to help you study. From what I’ve heard, the exam itself sounds tougher than the older ones.

If you haven’t seen them already, I’d especially recommend the Learn Flex 4 beta in a Week video series on the ADC. Happy studying! I’ll post any new updates as always.

I’d like to announce Attest PRO, the commercial version of the Attest series.

Attest PRO

Attest PRO

There will be two versions of Attest going forward. The free version, which has been out for most of 2009, gets a bit beefed up with few new goodies in the near future, and the commercial version, called Attest PRO has many new features and content.

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A while ago, I had mentioned posting these projects/jobs that are sent to me when I’m overbooked and can’t fill them. I get contacted in one way, shape, or form about 5000 times a day for good projects, ok projects, sometimes awful sounding projects, but I know I can’t fill them.

So to help spread the word and get Flexers linked up with projects, I was looking for an easier way to post the info rather than having to go to forums, etc (which is a big PIA). Turns out Greg Wilson’s tblurb.com offers the perfect solution. Greg came up with tblurb as a way to post a larger amount of characters along with Twitter. Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, using tblurb enables you to share large snippets of code or Grannies brownie recipe, or whatever you like.

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In the last post, Holly and I broke down some of the updates we wanted to work into Attest and asked for votes on the highest priority. It was obvious that among the many items, more questions and answers was the clear winner. So we got to work on writing more and managed to add randomization to the order of questions so no two exams will be alike every time you take one. This will help make it tougher to memorize the answers.

Both of us are inundated with client work at the moment, but the vote went well and we found the time to get these new exams out. So hopefully, for those studying for the Flex 3 with AIR certification, you’ll have much more here in the way of study material. Along with releasing new questions and answers periodically, we plan on implementing most of the other great feedback we received from users when time permits. Until then…it’s busy being a Flexer 🙂 go get certified!

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