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Back by popular demand, Photobucket has a home once again inside MyStylez. In the last version, I introduced the Flickr AS3 API so users can drag/drop and upload pics to use in MyStylez easier, but I took Photobucket out. I planned on working on the Photobucket API to offer the same functionality, which will happen sooner or later, but for now I put it back in the way it was before.

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In my last post I mentioned I had one more bug to work through to fix MyStylez to get it to work with the AS3 Flickr library. At first I cussed and stared at the wall, but then I traced back through the code and debugged the heck out of it until I found out that the photosets.addPhoto call wasn’t behaving properly.

After some googling, I saw the guys on AS3Flickr project already had it covered, I just had a missing patch to the code. Nothing a little Tortoise SVN checkout couldn’t fix 🙂 ok so I was pretty tired working on this one all night, but without further adieu, I present MyStylez + Flickr for your Flickr-ific pleasure!

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Ughhh I’m right there, it works, it’s alive….but I have a bug that’s driving me to drink. I worked in the AS3 Flickr library with MyStylez to add some Flickr + AIR goodness like drag and drop photos for upload and to use in the MySpace layouts.

The first time I call service.photos.getSizes() (to get the original urls) works great, I fill up a tile list with all my photos. The only thing MyStylez is concerned about is grabbing all the original photos to use for a layout with simple drag and drop. Problem is, after I upload new photos and call photos.getSizes() again I don’t get my newest upload.

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New site for PXL Blog

I migrated the old PXL Blog to this nifty new subdomain for a few reasons. The biggest one being I wanted to use WordPress as opposed to Nucleus CMS, which is what I was using previously. WordPress is just a far superior tool. The other reason was because I wanted my nifty new subdomain 🙂

So hopefully, it’s not too much of a pain to switch to the new rss feed if you’re a current PXL Blog reader, but believe me, I saved us all a lot of grief by moving to WordPress 😉

Anyway, welcome! All old posts, comments (and hopefully trackbacks) were imported successfully, after many an agonizing hour of combing through mysql databases and php scripts – whew! It’s an awesome day outside and I think it’s the bosses duty to take sunny Friday afternoons off to drink copious amounts of beer.

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I’d like to say Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Attest contest! In no particular order, they are:

Gareth Arch
Clearwater, FL – USA

Maciek Maliborski
Third rock from the Sun

R. Jon MacDonald
Portland, OR – USA

Hassan Elousami
The Netherlands
h DOT elousami AT uvt DOT nl

Nice work! All four of whom answered within minutes of my posting the contest 🙂 They each emailed the correct answers to the previous post’s questions for the contest:


1. internal

2. Paris, Texas!!!

3. True
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Did you know that you can get the Flex 3 Developer certification (when that becomes available) for $50, 30-60 questions, in an hour or less, from your desktop?

How can it be? Adobe recertification exams my friend 🙂 For any current ACE’s holding the Flex 2 certification, the price is $50 for 30-60 multiple choice questions on only the new product features, you can take it via the web and get your Flex 3 Developer cert when it becomes available. In fact, you must successfully complete the recert exam within 90 days of the Flex 3 exam’s release to keep your ACE status current.

So rumor has it that the Flex 3 exam won’t be ready for many months to come. Here’s what I’m thinking, why not grab the Flex 2 certification if you haven’t already? There’s so much material available to help you pass, this time last year there wasn’t a ton. Flex 3 is brand new and by the time that exam is available there will be more study/practice material but in the meantime, wouldn’t it be easier to study for Flex 2 while the exam’s still available and just take the recert in a few months time? Indeed it would!

That brings me to my next idea. I’ve been hearing great things from people who have used Attest to study for the Flex 2 certification. Not only are they passing, but they’re getting incredible scores! Does my heart good that it was a worthwhile project, I had my doubts at first, but Attest seems to have fulfilled it’s purpose.

UPDATE: The contest is over, we found our winners! Nice work! I’ll post their names in a new post, and the answers are in the comments section
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MyStylez 1.0.9 was released today with a cool HSlider for sorting/filtering templates in the layout browser. That’ll make it easier to sift through the designs quickly as I add more premade templates, especially once theres a ton of them (when this will happen, I have no clue). Very cool to see MyStylez working great on the PC and Mac, I love me some Flex/AIR 😀

Screen shot of the filter/sorting feature:

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Been slacking a bit on blogging, but this has actually been out for a while now. Not enough hours in the day 🙂 Anyway, MyStylez is now officially supported on Mac OSX, and there have been a few tweaks here and there. This app is too fun to work on, I’ve met a heap of people who had great input and suggestions for features etc and they’ve made some awesome layouts for their MySpace profiles!

Get it from CNET Download.com!

I finally picked up a Mac Mini so I can support MyStylez now that I can play with the thing and see how it behaves on the Mac OS. I have to say, Leopard is pretty cool, and MyStylez works great on it.

I also slapped a few videos on YouTube to show how quickly and easily you can whip your MySpace profile into shape! Here’s a 30 layout a la MyStylez

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MyStylez got a new interface and some bug fixes for window resizing not behaving. I didn’t get to every user suggestion because of time and some are going to require lots of thinking, which I’m not always good at. Next thing to work on though, is tons of pre-made templates. This app is too fun to work on! The interacting with folks who are using it is awesome too. 99% of the people making suggestions for improvements, or pointing out bugs, asking Q’s have been totally cool to interact with.

Of course, it goes without saying, especially with an application that deals with MySpace, that some folks don’t bother to read instructions and then go ahead and suggest new features that……..guess what, they already exist 🙂 ever hear RTFM? That’s a very tiny percentage of users so far though, so for the rest of you who don’t vomit instantly when you hear MySpace (the word still gets to me at times) enjoy!

Download MyStylez 1.0.7: Click the extremely brightly colored graphic below.

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Well, I actually didn’t originally think that MyStylez would become as popular as it has thus far, but sheesh! There’s like 3000 people using it right now according to the web stats – woohoo! Yup, like most of you developers, I too never bothered with MySpace , not until I started this project, but MyStylez started out as a little app for a few friends and clients and all I wanted originally was two things:

  1. To help them style their MySpace profiles
  2. To do anything I had to do to get out of helping them further with their MySpace profile editing 😀

Mission accomplished! Yes I had to spend hours sorting through the horrific code on MySpace for such CSS styles as table table table table table td { blah blah blah} and yes many curses were uttered in my office, but hey it was fun in the long run, and now there are thousands of people picking up on it and making cooler profiles than I thought the app could help with 🙂 ha!

I figured it’s got enough of a following that I should spend some more time on it and clean it up, make it do some cool stuff. Many users emailed me with cool suggestions and most of them were really happy with the app. Of course, you always get the one or two who just complain at the littlest, half bug-ish thing in your FREEapp probably because it makes them feel they can be part of your team. Or maybe just because they have mental issues. The point is, its built in AIR, so that makes it cool right there, and its FREE so you just can’t beat that combination.
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